Application Guidelines

How to Apply

  • Select either the “Apply by Post” or the “Apply via WEB” application button below and enter the necessary information on the entry form
  • *If you choose to apply by post, please download the entry sheet from an e-mail which are sent to you after completing delivery application form and be sure that you have to copy your ‘Application ID’ to the entry sheet

Application Rules and Precautions

  1. Submissions must be original designs in line with the theme and works which have not yet been released in the marketplace
  2. Diamonds must be used as the main stone in engagement ring designs
  3. The maximum carat per piece will be one carat
  4. The following metal materials may be used: Pt900, K18YG, K18WG, K18PG, SILVER925
  5. Designs should be drawn on B4 illustration boards *If unable to obtain a B4 illustration board, affix your design to the back of a piece of cardboard so that it will not get bent
  6. Up to five designs may be submitted. However, only one design may be submitted per illustration board (set rings are considered to be one design. Wedding ring designs consisting of the husband’s ring and the wife’s ring are considered to be one entry)
  7. Rights and copyrights to designs other than the winning designs will be attributed to the applicant
  8. Designs must not be designs used in the past as entries to other contests or be similar to designs already in circulation
  9. We will take full responsibility for the manufacture of winning designs. Please be aware that manufacture will be based solely on designs
  10. Designs must be wearable
  11. Designs deemed impossible to manufacture and have durability issues may be excluded from screenings or their application may be revoked
  12. Please be aware that we will not return your designs
    *Please retain a copy, etc. of your design
  13. Application documents for multiple designs may be enclosed together when submitting more than one design
    *Please register applicant information for each individual work
  14. Applications which do not comply with the submission method will be nullified

Submission Method

  1. Register Participation
    In order to participate, first select one of the following two application methods and register your information
  2. Submit your design
    Submissions will only be accepted if submitted in accordance with the specified format by post or via our website. Submissions delivered to the secretariat in person, via courier, via a parcel delivery service or by fax, etc. shall not be accepted


  • Announcements will be made on this website sometime in October 2011 or thereinafter
  • *The secretariat will individually contact applicants whose work will be adopted